Levelbuilding made easy and fast.

Whether you are a programmer of games or applications - as soon as it comes to 3d-graphics you need tools that help you out or otherwise you have to build all scenes on your own.

To make things easier for you here is the tool you have been waiting for.

The powerful Map Builder

Straight forward design. Metric units.
Material-, Texture- and Brush-modes of your favourite programming languages supported.
Wysiwyg! Walk around while you build.
Create Lightmaps to make your map look extra professional.
Download the Demo and check it all out.
Buy it and start making money producing and selling your own games faster than ever before.

Box not available! Made with 2 Textures and Map Builder!
Dark night - fires are burning.
Powerful Map Building! Powerful Lightmapping!
Your new tool - Gamecreating made easy!
From the Programmer of the first Game Basic / Game Basic Compiler ever!
This was in 1985 - if someone can prove this statement wrong I will change it ;-)

Why another Tool for Level Design?

Because you need a better tool if you want to reach your aims. A tool that is right from the start better than most 4.x Versions of similar programs for game developers!

Some people jump from one key experience to the other.

One of those adventures for me was the try to build a small home with several of the available 3D-editors - I dont want to mention them all by their proud names, Whatever their big names shall submit, they all cannot hold what they promise. There's not one that really does what it should: Helping you to easy build a house or castle or room for your 3D-Shooter or Adventure or Game you are working on.

To mention only some things I personaly do not like: Most count in units! And so a model Ferrari for instance can be everything from 2 millimeters to 500 meters long in your world - instead of using units which all you people worldwide use: meters, kilometers, centimeters! Mousemovements are vague and its a matter of try and error to put a piece of the expected size to the wanted place. Awful to handle - terrible.

You need weeks to get into their features - even a little box with different textures on each side is a matter of hours until you have found and read the appropriate pages of the manual. Not to mention scolling and scaling that texture, combine it with other textures, etc.

So what I did was: I made for me and the people around the easy to use Map Builder and then, after we saw how useful it is for us, we decided to publish it - so that everyone who wants to build 3D-Worlds for his game or application has a tool he always was dreaming of.

Okay - I admit that there are better looking editors on the market. The last one I tested has 50 Buttons on each side and each time you open a menu, 20 submenue items open and it seems you can make thousands of things with it.

What you cannot do with it is, make a simple keystroke and you have a box or arch or ramp or whatever you need, hit another key and its textured, hit some more keys and you have a wall with a window and a door - hit about 5 more times on your keyboard and everything is textured, door and window with triggers (in development) to open and close, window transparent and all that in less than 5 minutes. With exact measures: Window-sill 85 cm high, wall 2.45 meters high 25 cm thick and 4.80 m wide, window 1.8 x 1.20 cm of size - door 80 cm x 2 m x 35 mm. You only have to turn your head and you see what I am talking about (in case you are not making your game in a tent). Then add lights and generate lightmaps you can use in every Programming environment (very important!) with ease.

Well - The Map Builder can do all that!

What is the key to quickly build an environment for your game? To make it in measures that you use since years or ages. You need a monster to be a monster? okay - should be 3 - 4 m tall - want to build a tennis hall? okay - a court is 35 x 7.5 m (let's assume that for this example) - give 10 meters room for the players at each side and you got it! That's efficient, that's logic, that's intelligent, that shows you have made yourself some thoughts to bring it all into a system!

Clicking and pushing and drawing with a mouse in a quarter of your screen is fine - but what is it worth, when you have no idea what your mousepointer is doing while you move it over the place. Grabbing borderlines of an item is super if you can switch instantly from meters to millimeters to make everthing fit together. And what happens, once you have placed more than 100 primitives - we call them elements? Terrible experiences - I get nightmares by the thought to do it with another program than Map Builder.

So - don't wait - download your demo, try it out - check the models that come with it, try to make your own stuff in minutes instead of days - and if you are satisfied - order your copy for only 49.50 (US$ 62.25 UK 34.95) and realize your game in a much shorter time than you even imagined.

And be sure - you will get a tool, that is in steady development - lightmaps have been included meanwhile, triggered events will be available soon, terrain forming, ai, etc. Watch for news in Forum and here on our Website.

The export format is absolutely universal - so whether you program in Blitz3D, Pure Basic, Dark Basic, Visual C++, Visual Basic, Ogre, or whatever; All your program has to do is to read a text-file and you can use the delivered file-specs to make your import as flexible and quick as possible. All features that are compatible are accessible.